Pastor Search Committee

Member Considerations


A member of the Pastor Search Committee of Northeast Church must agree wholeheartedly to serve the committee and Northeast Church by prayerfully seeking the next Senior Pastor that God is calling to lead our congregation.  The Pastor Search Committee member, relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will commit to the following:

  • Pray earnestly and seek God’s direction in this selection.
  • Agree on clear roles and responsibilities for the Committee Members.
  • Set a goal timeline for the search process and strive to stay on task.
  • Set a meeting schedule for the Committee and hold to that schedule.
  • Decide on how the final agreement and selection is to be made, be it unanimous, consensus, majority, etc.
  • Seek input from the church staff and congregation to develop the qualifications and traits desired in the selection.
  • Have a clear job description for the ideal candidate for this selection, striving for high but realistic standards.
  • Examine their own hearts and seek the best candidate for this selection, free of any individual agenda.
  • Be intentional, thoughtful, consistent, and honest in their communication with the congregation, the church staff, the candidates, and each other.
  • Uphold the highest levels of respect and confidentiality, and they will clearly define what is to be kept confidential.
  • Agree to a vetting and interviewing process and stick to it, putting all final candidates through the same process.
  • Be respectful and timely in their communication with all candidates.
  • Conduct background and reference checks of their final candidate(s) with all due diligence, notifying the candidate(s) if/when conducting said checks and upholding the candidate(s) confidentiality.
  • Clearly and honestly present to the final candidate the church’s history, mission, vision, current financial situation, decision-making processes, team dynamics, organizational structure, limitations, challenges, and plans for the future.
  • Strive for peace, cooperation, respect, and unity in all discussions and decisions to avoid habitual conflict and, if it occurs, addressing it with prayer, humility, and love.
  • Hold members of the Committee to these commitments, speaking the truth in love.

“The members selected shall be broadly representative of the church membership, at least one of whom is an active deacon. The committee shall consist of seven (7) persons.” - 2012 Northeast Church Constitution and By-Laws

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